Gutter and Window Cleaning Services in San Francisco

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When it comes to our homes and businesses in San Francisco CA, we want to ensure that we project the most professional appearance that we can. One of the most prominent and most overlooked feature of our home and businesses are our windows and gutters. This is why focusing on window washing and gutter cleaning are essential to the overall appearance and maintenance of our commercial and residential properties.

What Are the Benefits of Window and Gutter Cleaning?

When we take time to wash our windows and clean our gutters we are not only talking pride in the look of our buildings we are also taking pride in the image that we are projecting. When it comes to window cleaning and rain gutter cleaning some of the benefits we receive may be obvious but are typically overlooked

Overall Appearance and Perceived Value

When we focus on window washing and gutter cleaning as well as other general maintenance those who look at our residential homes will have a sense of pride and first impression of those living in the home. For commercial businesses it is even more important that we have this perceived value. It could mean the difference of getting a sale or going out of business.

Keeps Your Windows from Damage

When we take time to wash our windows and clean our gutters we are increasing the life of our windows and gutters. This is why window cleaning and rain gutter leaf removal on a regular basis is so important.

Enhancing Efficiency and Overall Comfort Levels

When we have clean windows and gutters we are increasing the efficiency of our windows in San Francisco. When we have clean windows light is absorbed more efficiently as well as water disruption from clean gutters. When we clean our gutters on a regular basis we are helping to keep water away from our roofs as well as channel it ways from areas that could easily be affected by water damage.

Who Needs Our Window Washing and Gutter Cleaning Services?

When it comes to window washing and gutter cleaning services we all could benefit from professionals who can come in and get the job done. When we hire professionals for our janitorial services we know that the job will be done correctly as well as at a fraction of the price of doing it ourselves.

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When we attempt to wash our windows and clean our gutters on our own we may think that we are saving money. The truth is that we are actually spending more money in the form of time and supplies than we would have otherwise spent if we just hired a professional.

When we hire a local San Francisco professional for window cleaning and rain gutter leaf removal we are hiring someone who is skilled in the tasks at hand and will get in and out as quickly as possible. If you are running a commercial property or a business in general the last thing you want to do is have someone washing your windows or cleaning out your gutters all day during normal business hours.

When it comes to hiring someone you want to focus on someone who has their own supplies, can come at the appropriate time and get the job done before the business is affected by the loss of customers.

Workers Preforming Commercial Window Cleaning Services

People Who Are Afraid of Heights or Ladders

Another group of people who would benefit from window cleaning and gutter cleaning are people who don’t like ladders, heights or getting wet. Let’s face it, washing windows and cleaning gutters is a dirty job. Depending if it is a residential or commercial window cleaning services in San Francisco different equipment and skills may be needed. It isn’t as easy as slapping on some soapy water and wiping it off. When it comes to janitorial services you really want it done right otherwise you have to deal with streaks and smudges.

What Equipment Do We Use For Window Cleaning?

Getting started in the window washing and gutter cleaning business isn’t really an expensive one. In fact you can really get started with very little upfront capital and if you can borrow some tools and supplies you can easily be in profit after your first job.

A bucket – The first piece of equipment you will need is a bucket. Without a bucket you won’t be able to carry water with you and that can be a real pain when trying to wash a window.

Rags and Sponges – The next thing that you will need are rags and sponges. You will want to use sponges to do the initial cleaning of the windows, apply the soap and what not, and then use the rags to do a fine wipe down of the cleaned window.

Squeegee – When it comes to washing windows a squeegee is a vital piece of equipment. In fact you will want to get several sized squeegee’s for window washing. When it comes to cleaning windows you will quickly discover that every window you encounter will be a different size as well as position on the building. When I wash windows I have a small, medium and large squeegee. The small and medium are the ones I typically use the most but the large squeegee is vital when doing commercial windows. Most commercial windows will take up the entire front or side of a building and come in different sized panels.

Ladder – Ladders are another vital part of the process. You will again want to have several different sized ladders. You will want to have smaller ladders for those hard to reach spots and larger ladders to reach the top of those large commercial windows.

Soap and Water – When it comes to washing windows and cleaning gutters your main medium for cleaning will be soap and water. When you use soap and water you are using the basic foundations of any other cleaner on the market. When you have a good soap to water ratio you will also prevent streaking when washing your windows.

Gloves – The final major piece of equipment you will need are several pairs of gloves. When you have several pairs of gloves you can use them in your gutter cleaning to remove leaves and other debris as well as get a better grip on your tools and equipment.

What Permits Are Required in San Francisco Before We Can Get Started?

When it comes to cleaning as a business in California you will need to make sure that you follow all of the rules and have all your ducks in a row. This means getting all of the licensing and permits that are required. To start with you will need to get a standard business license to run your business. From the standard business license you will want to look into getting a C-61 – Limited Specialty Classification.

Depending if you are going to be doing commercial window cleaning  or residential services you may need to obtain different licenses and permits. For example if you are going to be using scaffolding or other equipment to reach high locations on buildings you will need to have trained and certified people to handle these pieces of equipment.

When working on commercial properties as well as working with employees you will need to look into getting licensed, bonded and insured. These different licenses again will be dependent on where you are working, what equipment you are using and how you are paying your employees.

To find out abut specific licenses and permits for your specific situation you will want to visit the following website – Here you will find all of the up to date information needed to get started in the cleaning services industry.

How Does the Cleaning Processes Work and How Long Does It Usually Take?

When we look at the process of window washing and gutter cleaning it is very diverse. The time and process will all be determined on your skills and the specific job. If you are working on a small building such as a home then it can take an hour or two. If you are working on an office building it can be an all day job or stretch out over several days.

To get started you will first need to go and locate a client. You will want to approach this client in a professional manner, well dressed and prepared. You will want to have photos of previous work as well as business cards and references.

Once you get the job however you will want to start by prepping the windows. You will do this by removing any old tape, stickers or posters that are currently visible. Once the area is prepped do a quick glance of the area to ensure that there are no cracks or damage to the area you are working on. If there is damage make sure to document everything and bring it to the attention of your employer.

Once everything is good to go the next step is to wet the windows thoroughly. You never want to just throw soap onto a dry piece of glass. This will increase streaks and eat up supplies. Once your windows are wet you will then want to dip your sponge into a bucket of soapy water. Don’t ring out the sponge and quickly move it to the window. You will then want to move the sponge in a circular motion making sure to touch all of the glass area. When working with windows however you want to work with one window at a time. Many people when getting into window cleaning will try to wash as many windows at one time. You don’t want to do this. When you try to do too many windows at once the soap you apply will tend to dry creating streaks and forcing you to apply water and soap again.

Once the soap is applied you want to let it sit on the glass for a minute or two. This will allow the soap to start breaking down the dirt and grime that has accumulated on the glass. Once a minute or two has passed you want to take your squeegee and a rag and in a straight left to right motion remove the water and soap from the glass. After the first pass you want to take the squeegee and wipe off the excess water. Repeat this process until the window is clean. Once the window is clean, use a dry rag to remove any water droplets from the window and move on to the next window.

What Is the Average Cost of Window Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning in San Francisco CA?

Now that you have a basic understanding of window washing and gutter cleaning it is time to talk price. Like with any other business prices will fluctuate and change depending on a wide range of factors. The first factor will be the number of windows you will be required to clean. From there we are looking at doing inside and outside or one or the other. Another factor you will need to consider is if it’s a residential or a business.

When looking at prices you want to be competitive. On average you can charge anywhere between two hundred dollars up to five or six hundred. When setting your prices it would be a good idea to call around to other companies that are offering window cleaning services in San Francisco and surrounding areas. You want to tell them you are shopping around for service and would like a quote.

During the quoting process for our cleaning services you don’t want to commit to anything and if they want to come out and look at the project tell them that you are looking for ballpark numbers. If they persist hang up and try someone else.

When washing windows and gutter cleaning you need to look at the time of year, the amount of work, how close each client is to each other and your basic cost for supplies. When you factor all of these in you want to see what the market will support as well as how much work and time you will invest for your return.

When it comes to cleaning you can also outsource the work which will help increase your bottom line. If you are looking to get into window washing and/or gutter cleaning or are looking for reputable sources for service do your research and take your time.